Monetization via Paid Tools & Extensions

AKA: Loss Leader, Proprietary Update System

Payment for additional tools, update system, extensions, or plug-ins that help the users work with the OSS or extends the OSS functionality. Can be one-time paymentments for one extension or tools, but recurring payments can be realized by app-stores.


Variants & Options:



Characteristics Value Note
Effort to set-up Months Requires development of additional software, hosting and payment
Effort to maintain Medium Only updates are required from time to time
Cost to set-up Medium Will require a lawyer to setup the license and contracts
Cost to maintain Low Will cause costs for legal or tax related stuff (but should be covered by income)
One-time Income Medium Tools can have higher price, extensions often have lower prices
Recurring Income Low Might be possible for tools with recurring payments
Income Predictability Medium Lower for Extensions but higher for recurring paments for tools
Full income Threshold 100+  
Recipient C Might be only a sub-group who develop the tools, etc.
Additional Work High Extra work to develop and maintain tools, etc.
Visibility Medium Tool will probably contribute to usefullness of OSS
Necessity to pay Low Extensions often convenient but not necessary
Entry Threshold Low Credit card is sufficient
Countervalue Work Additional develoment effort necessary, but multiple sales possible
Scalability Low Scales with the number of users (who want the extension)
Effort for marketing Medium Extensions are often convenient and offer a countervalue
Competitors None Tools would have a proprietary license
Software types Special Mostly Frameworks that have use for editors or products with an extension mechanism

NOTE: If external developers create a similar tool or extension this could increase the competition