Monetization by Paid Data Storage

AKA: Pay for Data Hosting

Payment for centrally storing data used in the OSS on a remote server - e.g., passwords for a password manager. Often leads to recurring payments for long-time data storage, but can also be a singular payment for time-constrained or lifetime storage.


Variants & Options:



Characteristics Value Note
Effort to set-up Days Implement data storage and payment system
Effort to maintain Low Backup and maintain data storage
Cost to set-up Low Maybe for DB and backup
Cost to maintain Low Cost of data storage & backup
One-time Income Medium If data storage is bought for life, etc.
Recurring Income Medium  
Income Predictability Medium Client might go back to free
Full income Threshold 1000+ Depends heavily on the data storage price
Recipient C  
Additional Work Medium Extra work to setup data storage
Visibility Medium Gets harder the more the system is used (more data created)
Necessity to pay Low The base version can probably work without paid data storage (or few people would try it)
Entry Threshold Low If starting with free storage
Countervalue Storage User pays for data storage, backups, and access from multiple devices
Scalability High Scales with the number of end-users and data created.
Effort for marketing Low Users probably increase their data volume
Competitors None Could be opened for compeitors within OSS
Software types Special Best for tools that create or handle user data