Monetization via Paid Newsletter

AKA: Paid Podcasts

Payments for news in form of a paid recurring newsletter, podcast, or videos created by the maintainers. Often recurring payments with the option to integrate income from other sources such as job postings, ads, etc.


Variants & Options:



Characteristics Value Note
Effort to set-up Hours Some descriptions and bank info is sufficient
Effort to maintain Medium Continuous producing of content
Cost to set-up None  
Cost to maintain None Hosting services often take a share of income
One-time Income Medium For additional ads such as job postings
Recurring Income Low Created content is probably not very valuable
Income Predictability Low Constant reminders to newsletter might be necessary.
Full income Threshold 500+ subscribers per month; Youtube CPM is 1-5 USD;
Recipient I/C Depends on who contributes to the newsletter
Additional Work Medium Extra time to create and update newsletter
Visibility Medium Easy to forget, ignore, or overlook
Necessity to pay Low Voluntary but with countervalue
Entry Threshold Low Credit card is sufficient
Countervalue Work Creation or producing the content
Scalability Medium Scales with the number of users (who want the news)
Effort for marketing High  
Competitors O? Everybody can create a online course to the OSS
Software types Big SW Better for big projects that change often or have a big ecosystem

NOTE: Potentially, “unofficial” newsletter can also be issued by non-maintainers (i.e., just expert), which could increase the competition. However, if internals are communicated (e.g., next roadmap steps) this might not be a problem.