Monetization by Paid Content

AKA: Pay for Data, Virtual Goods, Service Enabler

While the OSS is free of cost, the content or data presented or used in it is sold. Content can be, for example, news feeds, stock ticker, virtual goods, designs, clipart, etc. Often leads to recurring payments for data streams but can also be a singular payment for content.


Variants & Options:



Characteristics Value Note
Effort to set-up Weeks Free data hosting probably exists but paid data hosting need to be implemented
Effort to maintain Medium Premium data/content has to come from somewhere
Cost to set-up Low Maybe for hosted content but probably percentage based
Cost to maintain Low Platform used to host & pay for data might cost
One-time Income Medium If content is bought one-time (e.g., designs)
Recurring Income Low Depends on value of premium streams (e.g., stock data)
Income Predictability Medium Client might go back to free
Full income Threshold ?1000+ Depends heavily on the data/content value
Recipient C Each maintainer might offer a personal data stream
Additional Work Low Extra work to create data / content
Visibility Low Easy to overlook by users except for ads
Necessity to pay Medium A free version has probably everything necessary. Premium content could be inserted but disabled/blured.
Entry Threshold Low Premium data could be offered and bought in-app
Countervalue Premium User pays for premium data
Scalability High Scales with the number of end-users and content streams
Effort for marketing Medium If free data is already usefull buyers have to be convinced
Competitors O Everybody could offer data / content but integration might be constricted by maintainers
Software types Special Best for apps with news streams or templates