Monetization via Paid Certification

AKA: Paid Trainings

Payment offers made by companies or individuals to get training or certifications for using or interfacing with the OSS. Often one-time payments for one certification or training session, but companies might need continuous flow of certifications for new employees.


Variants & Options:



Characteristics Value Note
Effort to set-up Weeks Might require training materials, Course System and/or Certificate Hosting.
Effort to maintain Medium Constant reminders to certify might be necessary. Updating certificates and training material might be necessary
Cost to set-up Low Maybe cost for a designer to design certificates
Cost to maintain Low Hosting of certificates might cost
One-time Income Medium Probably based on hourly wage - but can grow with demand for training or importance of certificates
Recurring Income Low Only for longer training projects with companies or mult-level certificates
Income Predictability Low Too complex –> no users; Too easy to understand –> no income
Full income Threshold 100+ clients per month;
Recipient I/C Certificate recipients probably want a certificate from an organization - not an individual. Payments might go to an individual certifier
Additional Work Medium Extra work to conduct certifications and/or trainings
Visibility Medium Easy to forget, ignore, or overlook, but certified people might talk about it
Necessity to pay Low Might increase with the wide-spread use of the software
Entry Threshold Low Credit card is sufficient
Countervalue Work  
Scalability Low Scales to the time available to certify or train
Effort for marketing High  
Competitors M Other maintainers might be competitors to certify.
Software types Big SW Better for big, complex and widely-used software

NOTE: Potentially, “unofficial” certificate can also be issued by non-maintainers (i.e., just expert), which could increase the competition (or income by “licencing” the right to certify).