Monetization via Kickback from Hoster

AKA: Paid by Hoster

Unconcious contributions made by a user to the OSS project via a hoster / cloud that supports kickback. Payout can be in form of credits but might potentially be resellable or convertible via value generating systems (e.g. a crypto miner). If the OSS runs for a longer time this can generate recurring revenue.


Variants & Options:



Characteristics Value Note
Effort to set-up Weeks Application to be approved by a hoster; Might need extra work to convert credits into real money
Effort to maintain Low  
Cost to set-up None  
Cost to maintain Low Maybe a little work to use or exchange the credits
One-time Income N/A  
Recurring Income Low Depends on the payout offered or the effectiveness to convert credits into money
Income Predictability Medium If the clients like the hoster payouts can be stable
Full income Threshold ?1000+ Depends heavily on efficiency of the value-generating subsystem
Recipient C  
Additional Work None  
Visibility N/A Not necessary but might help hoster
Necessity to pay Low Payment is collected by hoster (who might have higher prices)
Entry Threshold None Client only pay indirectly via his hoster/cloud for the resources
Countervalue Aware. Users get nothing but hosters get awareness
Scalability Medium Scales with the number of running instances (but only at few hosters)
Effort for marketing Low It might help to nudge users towards the hoster
Competitors None  
Software types Special Best for stand-alone systems on one server (e.g., databases, blogs, LMS, etc.)