Monetization via Blockchain Distibution

Contributions made by a user to the OSS project by downloading it with a blockchain-based package manager. Will lead to recurring payments - currently in form of crypto tokens that need to be converted into real money.


Variants & Options:



Characteristics Value Note
Effort to set-up Hours Registering at the blockchain-based package manager
Effort to maintain Low Probably only uploading or registering new versions
Cost to set-up None ย 
Cost to maintain None ย 
One-time Income N/A Token system probably causes recurring revenue
Recurring Income Low Crypto might not be worth much; Depends on need to buy tokens
Income Predictability Medium If users accept paying it should become stable; Crypto might be very volatile
Full income Threshold ?1000+ Depends heavily on pricing of the crypto token
Recipient I or C ย 
Additional Work None Maybe little extra work to deploy to blockchain registry
Visibility Medium Might be visible if users need to buy tokens to download
Necessity to pay High Payment is enforced by using the package manager
Entry Threshold None Client only pays indirectly via his hoster/cloud for the resources
Countervalue OSS User pays for downloading & using the OSS
Scalability High Scales with the number of users
Effort for marketing None Will make waves but no โ€œsaleโ€ is necessary
Competitors None ย 
Software types Special Best for tools and libraries