Monetization via Advertisements

Money made by placing ads on websites, visible parts of the software, or in-app - or present sponsors to your audience. A recurring income with a bad reputation - often only works for large communities or high traffic websites.


Variants & Options:



Characteristics Value Note
Effort to set-up Hours Integration of code for ads and bank info is sufficient
Effort to maintain Low Maybe minor version updates
Cost to set-up None  
Cost to maintain None  
One-time Income Medium Individual sponsors who want to promote themselves might pay more for specific communities
Recurring Income Low CPM is 1-10 USD - large audiences are needed
Income Predictability High Ad revenue is not very volatile
Full income Threshold 1M+ Assuming visitors to website per month; based on 5k USD salary (pre-Tax)
Recipient I or C  
Additional Work None Maybe little extra work to manage ads
Visibility N/A Companies using ads will only see ad network
Necessity to pay None Users pay with visit / looking at ads
Entry Threshold None  
Countervalue None  
Scalability Medium Scales with the number of users
Effort for marketing Low No marketing to get ads - maybe to enlarge community or site usage.
Competitors None At least no competition of ads for the project’s homepage, etc.
Software types Tools Esp. for OSS with visible content Apps, Programs, or Websites (e.g., docu)